My Story


Just like you, I’m a mom. We juggle A LOT! I’m figuring out how to be my happiest and keep my children happy by prioritizing my time effectively. It’s important to me to give my kids opportunities to learn and grow and feel loved with quality family time but also to recharge myself so I can be the best I can be.

My entrepreneurial husband and I have three young children - now in preschool, first and second grade - and an adorable yellow labrador.

I left my marketing and real estate career to stay at home full time with our children. At first it was fun - amidst sorting out all the new mom, new baby challenges, of course - filled with playdates, cuddles and visits to the beach. 

But then while pregnant with baby #2, we moved states, moved back, moved again, bought a new house and had baby #3. I felt completely overwhelmed!

When I found myself nursing a newborn or trying to get dinner made my kids were tugging at me, whining or bouncing off the walls, sword fighting, and falling on the floor crying. I was determined to not live in a house of chaos so I began researching how other moms were able to make it work.

I learned about invitations to play and watched how they transformed my day by focusing the kids and engaging them with something instead of constantly needing me. Now I could give one child undivided attention or actually finish making dinner.

Once the kids stopped waking up multiple times at night, I’ve started spending lots of time researching, reading and listening to experts in time management, personal development and online business.

I’ve become proactive instead of reactive. I’ve created routines and systems. I’m dedicated to sharing the wins in my journey with you!